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Title: You will
Title: You will
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You will

make the next great discovery, pioneer a new technology, or lead a new vision for what is possible. Whatever your dream, it all begins here.

We believe knowledge and experience give rise to empowerment: and from these, your ability to change the world. That’s what Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is all about. For more than 150 years, this idea has thrived at the heart of everything we do, and every life we touch.

You will challenge yourself and grow more than ever.

You will experience all that life has to offer through hands-on learning opportunities that stretch beyond the boundaries of classroom walls.

You will join a caring community dedicated to making the world a better place. And, along the way, you will master new skills. Explore your potential under the guidance of exceptional teachers and mentors. Discover untapped qualities within yourself.

So, prepare to be the brains in the lab and the hands in the soil. The books in the backpack and the boots on the ground. The knowledge gained in the classroom and the wisdom born in the field.

Every day,

you will make a difference. And, every day, we will work together to ensure that you cultivate the knowledge, skills, and compassion to become the person you aspire to be.

This is agriculture. This is science. This is life.

This is you.

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Ut prosim

That I may serve

When you interact with our community, you will realize how much our motto means. It signifies a commitment to serving others, though it’s about more than just helping people when you can. It’s about making this a better world for everyone. This tradition of service brings us together and sets us apart.

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Professors who make the


“Professor Knowlton is, as we say in the South, something else. Her mission as a dairy science faculty member is to do whatever possible to ensure the success of her students. She’s always there to talk to or laugh with, but she always holds her students accountable. Although this seems scary, students learn more from this than any lecture. She gives students the opportunity to learn through experiences — the importance of this cannot be overstated.

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Kendra Phipps
Piney creek, North Carolina
Dairy Science

Ingenuity may be their hallmark, but connection is their credo. They will be your teachers, mentors, advocates, and even your friends. They will push you when you need to be challenged, and offer a helping hand when you need a dose of encouragement. We’re about relationships. Our professors are here to support your dreams and to fuel your learning.

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Crossing disciplines and continents

Energy. Biofuel. Water. Genomics. Plants. Food and Nutrition. Environment.

And that’s just part of our research portfolio.

Do you dream of unlocking the mysteries of infectious disease? Formulating the perfect health food? Eradicating invasive species or enhancing crop yields and animal health?

You can engage in world-class research that spans multiple disciplines and transforms lives. You are integral to all of these efforts. So, whether you want to build the perfect brew or discover the next form of renewable energy, we are ready to guide you.

A caring and compassionate


When you enroll at Virginia Tech, you will become an integral part of an exceptionally collegial and caring community — a community of classmates, friends, and faculty who will embrace you as a student and support your dreams as you transition into the workforce and claim your role as a proud alum.

Imagine an environment where you will work collaboratively to achieve common goals and find strength and support from each other.

Our community is more like a family. A home away from home. Here, every voice matters, and everyone is valued.

True self-discovery requires the support of a connected community guided by shared values such as inclusiveness, compassion, honesty, and integrity.

This is what the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is all about.
Just ask our students.

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Choose your own global


From learning about endangered animals in South America’s Galapagos Islands to exploring food systems in South Africa’s rolling grasslands to studying natural resources amidst the grandeur of the snow-capped Swiss Alps, you can chart your adventure around the globe.

Our job is to give you the world. Study abroad, international research, and outreach opportunities are yours for the taking — all designed to help you discover your passions while gaining valuable skills and working towards your degree. Students and alumni are using their international experiences to forge dream careers and to become denizens of the world.

Learn more:

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We can help

Scholarships and financial aid

Your job is to focus on your studies and college experience. Ours is to make that possible.

Each year, the college and its departments award some 600 scholarships with a total value of more than $900,000. Approximately one in five students receives support.

Scholarship decisions are based on academic achievement, participation in extracurricular activities, career goals, and financial need.

Financial Aid
We offer financial aid and college and departmental scholarships to first-year, transfer, and returning students who meet various qualifications.

Information on each is available here:

Self discovery + real-world experience =


Opportunities abound to help you discover what you love. Internships teach important skills and can help you choose a major and even a career. Whatever your interests — nutrition, agriculture, environmental science, community and youth development, animal health, research, and more — we will connect you with the people, institutions, and industry leaders who will teach you marketable skills and help you find your calling.

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You may find yourself drawn to our small-town feel and access to beautiful mountains, lakes, and trails, yet you will discover big-time opportunities here.

During your free time, you can explore many entertainment options, sports, extraordinary hiking and biking, and numerous service opportunities. And with over 40 campus restaurants to choose from, whatever your tastes, you’ll eat well every day. The town of Blacksburg also offers shopping, restaurants, and cultural amenities within close walking distance.

What really anchors the Virginia Tech experience for students are deep-rooted traditions such as hiking the Cascades, watching the sunset from the War Memorial Pylons, and picnicking at the Duckpond, to name a few. The Hokie spirit infuses everything we do, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Ranked second for best campus in the nation by Business Insider
Ranked third in best campus food by the Princeton Review

We've got your back

Advising and student support

From the moment you become a student in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, you will have access to a dedicated advisor in your area of interest or major. You will have the opportunity to form a relationship with a mentor who can share their expertise and personal experiences in your field. Someone who brings professional knowledge, understanding, and experience as an advisor and a student advocate. Someone who can give you advice on classes, careers, and life.

Personal interactions with your advisor are part of our college-level commitment to your success as a student and beyond.

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Image of Virginia Tech campus through the trees
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